Jumat, 07 September 2012

About Us


First, i want to introduce my self  :)
my name : Eka Megawati (@meghaeeqa) im owner and founder of Boombox Collection and i Queen of Boombox Kingdom :)

well, Boombox is a local label from Bandung Since November 2010 , First, before I label this boombox that possess branch Brother Sister label that sells all kinds of shoes, because there are some problems, and thank God I finally focus on labels boombox that I pioneered from 2010, while Brother Sister already initiated from 2008. hmm well, hopefully in a brand new, boombox can be received in communities across Indonesia Bandung even there may be an opportunity to go international. amin Ya robal alamin .. :)

Manager & Marketing: Aditya P (include Phothograper of Product)
Owner: Eka Mega

Boom Salam :)

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